Alicia Mundy

Award-winning author, reporter and columnist on healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in Washington, Alicia Mundy has funneled her experience in framing issues for thousands of articles into strategic communications and crisis management.

As an expert of the relationship between politics and medicine in Washington, Alicia offers critical counsel to clients on communications, crafting effective narratives to engage the media, and executing strategic campaigns to mitigate risk.

A storyteller by trade, Alicia has an understanding of how content is created, curated and consumed in order to move an agenda.

Her expertise in interviewing enables her to craft individualized media training sessions, and find new, impactful ways to present a person or a corporation's story.

Alicia's years of writing opinion columns has been translated into ghostwriting speeches and op-eds for placement in major media outlets for CEOs of some of America's top companies.

Deep experience on PDUFA, pharmaceutical advertising and the role of the drug industry's relationship with the medical community. Experience focusing on Congress and the FDA's drugs, devices and tobacco divisions. She was honored for her groundbreaking coverage of a medical device crisis that led to changes in device approvals.


Alicia Mundy