“Dispensing with the Truth: The Victims, the Drug Companies and the Dramatic Story behind the Battle over Fen-Phen” (St. Martin’s Press, 2001)

  • Robert F. Kennedy Awards 2002, Semi-Finalist
  • Book featured on The Today Show; 60 Minutes; NPR
  • “Absorbing... A read that will have you gritting your teeth.”Time Magazine
  • “Mundy's scorched earth reporting and high energy writing build a story that leaves A Civil Action in the dust.” – Ellen Goodman, Boston Globe
  • “This True-to-life courtroom drama reads like an edge-of-the-seat novel.” – Barry Reed, author The Verdict
  • “A significant and utterly engaging work of legal journalism” – Alan M. Dershowitz

“Free Lunch” – Bestseller by NYT Pulitzer-winner David Cay Johnston. Contributor on Medicare and healthcare content.

New Book Coming 2017
On The Collision of Wall Street and the Healthcare Industry.
The book details what financial industry insiders really know about the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and drugs; investors' drag on scientific discovery; and the impact of American medical systems' slow adoption of life-saving changes in practices. Co-Authored with Leading Wall Street Biopharma Analyst and Investment Manager

Dispensing with the Truth

Dispensing with the Truth
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